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lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Mugutu with Skate-Home

Article on Mugutu Web.
Skate-Home is a company founded on the union of two passions, skateboarding and interior design. From this union born a wide range of products to decorate your home with items related to the world of skateboarding. In homes, it is important to surround yourself with a personal design according to our lifestyle.

The founders of Skate-Home: Manuel Llorens (Technical Architect and skater since 1987) and MaríaTamarit (interior designeer) tell us how it was the beginning:

"The idea came when María came up with skateboards making a shelf to put our children's shoes on. The result was so good that we decided to work more on this. That is how we join our two passions in life (skate & interior design)

We began to think of more features which could use the elements of skateboarding. This was no difficult because María once had her own furniture store. We noew make coat racks, couches, chairs, shelves and more. María has more ideas but we are taking it gradually.

The idea is that people can decorate their home, shop or office according their passion for skateboarding. In addition, Manuel started to put names of the tricks he does when skating, that way skateboarders feel more familiar with the furniture.

At first we were lucky to be published in the newspaper, that way the national television channels got interested on us, and that publicity helped more. We are very happy that we started to see skate-home articles on sites in the U.S., which is where we would like to get in the future. "

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