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sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

Decorate with your old skate decks

In this teenage boys bedroom at the Devonleigh Model home in Alliston we designed a room in black, white and gray for the skate board enthusiast. Not being able to find artwork to suit a teenage boy we had the brilliant idea to utilize well used broken skateboards as art. We attached the boards to the wall on either side of the bed. That one feature was a huge hit with the buyers kids that came to the Model Home.They were totally used and abused and well....broken in two from some major skateboard move gone wrong! We also used a plastic desk file holder to hold two other skateboards on top of the dresser. Great accents and an ingenious way to display the boards. As it was equally difficult to find bedding for a teenage boy we were very happy to find bedding by Quick Silver compliment the skateboard theme. The red lamp shades added the right amount of energy for the teenage boy we had in mind when designing the room.

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